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Tools and Equipment Used by Professional Moving Services Providers

If you choose to move by yourself, you may realize that lacking the right tools and equipment on the day of your move can be a nightmare.

This is why hiring professional moving services is vital for your peace of mind.

Full-service movers are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to ensure that the move goes smoothly and safely.

Imagine not having to lift a finger? It’s no joke to lift gym equipment or that grand piano that you inherited from your grandparents.

If you are still undecided on whether to go with the pros or not, you need to know the kind of equipment used by experienced moving services providers.

We share some of the must-haves when it comes to tools and equipment on moving day.

Moving Van

This is the essential equipment that you must have because your moving van will transport all your items from point A to point B.

If you are moving to a nearby location like a few streets away, you may be good with a self-move. You can ask your friend or neighbor to lend you their pick up truck or a cargo van if you don’t own one yourself.

Renting a moving truck is another option if option A and B mentioned above is not in play. Just make sure that you know the size of the moving truck you need. You don’t want to end up paying for a truck that’s too big or one that lacks storage space.

You can choose from a 10 to 12-foot truck, 14 to 17-foot truck, or 20 to 26-foot truck.

Ask your agent at your moving services company for advice on the best truck size for your move. They can provide a moving truck rental guideline to help you make the right decision.

Moving Dolly 

The moving dolly is known as the best friend of professional moving services. The importance of a moving dolly during a move can’t be downplayed.

When used correctly, your moving dolly will make your move faster, prevent accidents, and avoid injuries when lifting heavy items like appliances, furniture, and moving boxes.

There are two types of moving dollies that professional movers use. 

A utility dolly, also known as a hand truck is ideal for moving household appliances. It comes with a carrying capacity of up to 600 pounds. Straps to secure the load to the frame are standard with utility dollies for added safety.

You can rent a utility dolly from your moving services company or buy one from your local Home Depot store.

A furniture dolly has a large flat base with four swivel wheels underneath. This makes quick work of moving large and heavy pieces like washing machines, couches, bookcases, and pianos. A good furniture dolly can carry up to 1,000 pounds; just make sure that heavy items are secure on the wheeled platform.

Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders are pieces of hard plastic and rubber that will help move heavy pieces of furniture easily without damaging your floor.

Furniture slides across the room with ease minus the dents and scratches.

This piece of equipment, along with moving dollies are the top moving tools for furniture and heavy pieces.

You can choose sliders that are suited for your type of flooring. There are sliders that work for carpets, ceramic tiles, wood floors, laminate floors, or finished concrete.

You can buy sliders from your local hardware or your professional moving services company.

Moving Blankets and Pads

Reliable moving services also use moving blankets and pads, which are made of durable non-woven fabric.

They are used to wrap and protect your furniture and appliances from scratches and dents. You also get bonus protection from dirt and moisture when using these professional blankets.

Just wrap around the blankets on your items and use packing tape to secure the pads into place. 

S and S Moving: For Stress-Free Moving Services  

Moving can be quite the undertaking, it takes so much effort, and you can get exhausted real quick.

Wouldn’t it be great to leave all the hard work to us? Our movers love the job, and customer’s benefit from it

Utah home and business owners have been giving favorable reviews about our residential and commercial moving services.

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Our team at S & S Moving is known for stacking a trailer tight and safe. You don’t need an extra trip, which saves time and money.

We also treat your belongings like they are our own; your walls and doors are kept from scratches and dents. 

Other movers decline to move large items like cars and boats. Not us, there are no specialty items that we can’t relocate for you.

Pianos, safes, computers, gym equipment, antiques, these are just some of the specialty items that other moving companies will turn down for relocation.

At S&S Moving, we would be happy to accept the challenge of moving any specialty item that you might have.

We can provide a one day or less relocation of your home and office equipment as long as you are within a 500-mile radius from point A to point B.

Shay ensures that the moving team is made up of professionals that you can rely on. Background checks have been done for everyone, and they have been working together for years. 

Personal hygiene is essential to us; you wouldn’t want movers who are dirty, handling your home and office equipment.

Our company has invested in the best equipment in moving like a brand new 35-foot trailer we bought in 2018. Straps and blankets used during the move are also brand new to ensure that no damage will happen with fragile items.

From apartments, houses, high-rises, condos, and office buildings, we can handle any type of move with the highest level of care.

Hire a reliable and trusted moving services company for your move.

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