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Best Advice on Choosing a Reliable and Trusted Moving Company in Hooper UT

Relocation is a huge undertaking, and it can be stressful if you make a mistake in choosing a moving company in Hooper UT.

There are many factors to consider in hiring a moving company like the type of objects to be moved, distance, and added services offered.

If you want to know how to pick a moving company that can help make relocating hassle-free, then you should read on.

Planning on moving soon?

If you have plans of moving to a new home or changing the location of your business enterprise, you better plan ahead.

Moving involves a lot of organizing, carrying, loading, packing, unloading, and transporting, which can be stressful.

Packing alone entails tedious work and lots of materials to get done. You can damage your stuff if you do it the wrong way.

In these situations, hiring a professional moving company in Hooper UT is undoubtedly a good option.

This will save you on a lot of stress and broken appliances.

We share some of the best advice on what to look for in a moving company in Hooper, UT.

Good Reputation

If you want your relocation to go well, you need to choose your moving company wisely. 

This will determine if you can relax during the whole process or experience more stress and headaches.

A company with a good reputation in your community will surely get lots of recommendations from satisfied customers.

Seek out people that you know who have recently hired a moving company and ask about their experience.

Bad experiences like charging hidden fees or having broken items after the move should be red flags that you should look out for.

Take note of moving companies that get good feedback from customers. Be wary of people who are biased in giving their opinions.

Some may talk you into hiring a particular moving company that provides bad service just because they are friends with the owner.

A common practice is to read online reviews about your prospective moving company.

Prioritize moving companies that have 5-star ratings and great reviews online either on Yelp or Google My Business Page.

Stay clear of companies that have lots of negative reviews online.

Do your due diligence in checking if the people who gave positive reviews are real people. 

Some companies will use dummy accounts and post good comments with 5-star ratings to boost their image online.

Check for License and Insurance

Online reviews and interviews with former customers can give you a picture of a moving companies excellence when it comes to performance.

If you want to go more in-depth, you should verify if the moving company is licensed and insured.

A trusted and reliable moving company in Hooper UT should have the legal documents to conduct business and perform their service with excellence.

A company that is insured means that they can pay for damages incurred during the move.

Hiring a moving company that has insurance will protect you from corporate frauds or scams.


A reputable moving company should give you rates in terms of the number of hours once you inquire from them.

A base rate should be fine and some extra charges if you need more packing materials.

Moving charges are usually based on the weight of the object, distance, and added services required.

A quotation that shows the total amount with specific services provided is a good sign.

Don’t forget to ask about hidden fees.

Services Offered

Various moving companies can offer different services. Inquire about added services that you might need, like bigger storage space, cleanouts, and decluttering services.

Check on the workforce and equipment of the moving company. Hygiene and cleanliness of the movers are essential because you wouldn’t want your stuff to be messed up with dirt and grime during transport.

Equipment should be inspected, including the transport vehicle and lifting equipment. This can spell the difference between a perfect move or having many broken stuff after the relocation. 

Customer Support

A reliable moving company has adequate customer support. This is vital because this provides customers a venue to raise disputes or complaints.

If you have missing items or damaged property, having a platform where you can voice out your concerns can help the moving company resolve these claims at the soonest possible time.

Ask about dispute settlement and how they go about the process.

A good moving company is capable of providing excellent customer support for the professional settlement of issues and concerns.

Professional Moving Company in Hooper UT

Moving can be quite the task, it takes so much effort, and you can get tired real quick.

Why not leave all the heavy lifting to us? Our crew loves the job, and it shows in the results.

Utah home and business owners have been raving about our residential and commercial moving services.

You can check out our reviews online to see for yourself.

Our team is famous for stacking a trailer tight and safe. No need for an extra trip which saves time and money

We also treat your belongings with care; your walls and doors are kept from scratches and dents. 

We can also move large items like cars and boats; there are no specialty items that we can’t relocate for you.

Pianos, safes, computers, gym equipment, antiques, these are just some of the specialty items that other moving companies will turn down for relocation.

At S&S Moving, we would be happy to accept the challenge of moving any specialty item that you might have.

Do you want residential and commercial moving done fast and efficiently? 

We can provide a one day or less relocation of your home and office equipment as long as you are within a 500-mile radius from point A to point B.

Shay makes sure that the team is made up of moving professionals that you can trust. Background checks have been done with every member, and they have been working together for years. 

Personal hygiene is important to us; you wouldn’t want movers who are dirty handling your office equipment.

We also have the latest equipment in moving like a brand new 35-foot trailer we bought in 2018. Straps and blankets we use are also brand new to ensure that no damage will happen with fragile items, and they will also remain clean.

Aside from our residential and commercial moving services, we also offer basic landscaping and yard maintenance services.

Hire a reliable and trusted moving company in Hooper, UT.

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